Unleashing Growth: The Benefits of Using an Embedded Talent Provider for Your Team

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‘Embedded Talent’: a phrase that’s becoming more and more common in the Scale Up world. 

But before we delve into why it’s becoming increasingly popular, we need to ask the question, what exactly is ‘Embedded Talent’? 

Effectively, an Embedded Talent Solution Provider works closely with you to handle various aspects of talent management. “Embedded” means they are deeply integrated in your recruitment operations, almost like being a part of your internal team. 


So what are the challenges that scale-up businesses face when going through periods of growth? 

As you strive to establish a strong foundation for growth, the continual investment that scaling-up your team requires can often become a barrier for success. Not being able to establish an in-house talent acquisition team, not having the right technologies in place and the inability to offer the competitive packages that are provided by larger organisations can also become a problem. So too does culture: ensuring you bring people on board that fit your culture and long-term vision can be tricky.  

So how can an Embedded Talent solution solve these problems? And how exactly does it differ from the more traditional method that is used by recruitment agencies across the globe? 


Cultural Alignment  

Here at Spinks, our embedded talent solution, Spinks on Site, tackles Cultural Alignment issues by seamlessly integrating into your operations by having our Talent Managers and Talent Partners present themselves on LinkedIn as part of the your team with access to company systems like email and slack. They are physically onsite with your team, which allows for a firsthand understanding of your company culture. This approach involves tailoring recruitment strategies to align with your unique culture, actively engaging in decision-making processes, collaborating closely with internal teams, maintaining an ongoing feedback loop, and providing support for onboarding. The face-to-face presence of our Talent Managers and Talent Partners ensures the smooth assimilation of new hires into your business. 



Our Spinks on Site solution is able to scale your workforce to accommodate the evolving needs of your scaling business effectively, we are able to quickly scale-up or scale-down the team based on your project requirements, market changes or business growth, ensuring optimal resource utilisation. 

We also provide scalable talent management systems, including technology platforms and tools, which can be left with you at the end of a project, allowing for seamless integration and data keeping, and providing you with the foundations for long-term success. 


Talent Consultancy services  

We don’t just offer traditional recruitment services either –  we can also provide Talent Consultancy Services including culture audits, hiring manager interview training and employer brand development  as well as much, much more. We take a strategic approach, customising our services to address the unique needs of your business, helping to support scalable talent planning and ensuring you are set-up correctly for long-term growth. 


Embracing the services of an Embedded Talent Provider has been proven time and time again  to be a great solution for the challenges faced by fast-growth businesses in the scale-up world. Don’t believe us? You can check out our case studies here for more proof. 

Are you ready to transform your talent management and propel your business towards scalable success? Find out how we can reshape your workforce and propel your business to new heights here. 


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