Spinks on Site at RecFest 2023

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Spinks on Site at RecFest 2023

RecFest. A recruitment festival that brings together leaders in the in-house recruitment industry. As avid attendees, we eagerly anticipate this annual gathering, and each year it surpasses our expectations.  

We secure our tickets the minute they’re live and the reason for this is simple: it’s unparalleled opportunity to develop our skillset, expand our knowledge, and stay at the forefront of industry trends. The event is not just a chance to network; it’s a platform that propels our professional growth and equips us with tools to excel in our roles.  

We arrived at Knebworth Thursday morning filled with excitement, ready to dive into the wonders of RecFest 2023. Our first stop? Zinc’s delightful little coffee yurt, serving up invigorating doses of morning caffeine, on the house!  

Energised and buzzing, we made our way to the live lounge where our very own Talent Strategy Director, Chantelle Jones was gearing up to host the RecFest live stream. But that was just the beginning!  

With a bounce in our step, we embarked on an exploration to scope out some of awesome stalls set up. We tried our hand at some bean bag throwing, bagged ourselves a cowboy hat and heard Ade Adepitan’s story on how failure made him stronger. Ade spoke about how each failure he encountered served as a stepping stone to building resilience and unwavering determination. Instead of allowing the setbacks to define him, he used them as fuel to push harder and preserver in the face of adversity. Something I think resonates with us all, especially in TA.  

After savouring hot dogs and pizza for lunch, we were treated to some more awe-inspiring talks on AI-powered hiring tools, TA technology today, building an EVP in-house & excellence in TA. Yet, the standout moment was Will Dempsey’s enlightening discourse on how to be a more strategic TA professional.  

One of my personal goals is to cultivate a dynamic and strategic mindset, which is the reason this talk really stood out to me, it has ignited my passion and equipped me with invaluable, actionable insights. Amongst many inspiring elements of the talk, Will’s emphasis on conducting an analysis of both current and future talent needs resonated deeply with me.  

After hours of absorbing knowledge, making connections, and expanding our horizons, we set up for an epic battle on the mini golf course. Alisha Cohen brought her A game and took home the top spot. (Let’s just say, I’m still sulking over my performance!)  

The day drew to a close with infectious beats from Reggie Yates, followed by an unforgettable set by Basement Jaxx.  

After an amazing day at Knebworth, I took time to reflect and identify my key learnings from the event. These learnings have left a lasting impact on my approach to talent acquisition.  

Firstly, I realised the importance of maintaining my curious mindset – always seeking new knowledge and staying up-to-date with industry trends. ABC – Always Be Curious.  

Secondly, the six steps to be more strategic in TA caught my attention… implementing these six steps will enable me to be more effective, optimise the recruitment process, and create a competitive edge in talent acquisition. The six steps are as follows (keep an eye out for more detail coming soon):  

  1. Define a TA Strategy  
  2. Take Control 
  3. Innovate Pre-Req 
  4. Lead not Lag 
  5. Nail Assessment  
  6. Build a Culture of Recruiting  

Lastly, I discovered that while AI hiring tools may be generating hype, it is data-driven decision making that truly drives success in recruitment.  

In my upcoming project, I’m excited to incorporate the six strategic steps I acquired from Will Dempsey. By embracing these strategic steps, we can amplify the calibre of hires, slash time & cost-to-hire, and fortify the talent pipeline. 

For me I believe a strategic mindset is the key to unlocking remarkable success. By adopting this approach, we can amplify the employer branding efforts, whilst also forge a bond between the objectives and the business’s overarching goals. 

The highlight of my day? Making connections. I loved chatting to a number of exceptional leaders in talent acquisition. I love to learn, so being surrounded by esteemed individuals I admire in the industry was a dream – the opportunity to engage with them and tap into their insights was truly invaluable.   

It reminded me of how fortunate I am to work for a company like Spinks, where constant learning opportunities for Talent Managers are facilitated and promoted. These opportunities allow us to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that when we are on projects, we are armed with the latest industry knowledge and best practices.  

Networking is often a great way to connect with new personalities and fantastic leaders in the recruitment space, and RecFest 2023 was no different – it presented genuine conversations that not only empowered me but also reinforced my appreciation for the commitment to continuous learning cultured fostered by Spinks. This motivates both me and the wider team to deliver exceptional results and drive innovation in our talent initiatives.   

I’m incredibly grateful to be afforded opportunities like this and be part of a company that values growth and collaboration.   

RecFest 2023, we were captivated from start to finish – and I already can’t wait for next year!