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Spinks on Site x Tech Talks

Spinks on Site and Tech Talks came together to host a SPINKSPIRATION event in the heart of the Netherlands.

Featuring an illustrious panel of 6 and a full guest list, these talks tackle inclusion in the tech and start-up sectors in the Netherlands.


What can we learn from other territories and are the challenges we face universal?

Listen now.

We have collaborated with Tech Talks to bring you another valuable podcast episode about the future of sustainability in tech with all of the panellists:


Dave Scott, CTO and Founder of Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)

Diane Morgan, Head of talent at ZINC

Laura Hield-Ryder, Director of sales operations at Arenko Group

Dan Taylor, Co-founder of ion Ventures


During the next 40 minutes, we will discuss sustainability and the need to create real change through technology. Who is driving lasting change? The government, consumers, your business?

Listen LIVE to be inspired to make a change!

Tech Talks X Spinks On Site: The Future of Sustainable Change in Technology

Tech Talks x Spinks On Site:
EU Start-ups Summit Overview 

Last week, Spinks on Site and the Tech Talks team flew to Barcelona for the EU Startups Summit.


Throughout the two-day event, we invited 14 leaders and founders to share their views on the sector and tell us why they were there.


Listen to the podcast to get a behind-the-scenes look at several conversations from the conference.

The 'Spinks' How To Series

On The Spinks ‘How To’ Podcast Series, hosts from the Spinks and Spinks on Site teams speak to start-up and scale-up experts about their latest strategies, tools, general advice and more.

Together, we cut through the noise to address some of the common start-up and scale-up pain points.

Join us each week for crucial practical advice for CEO, founders and business leaders.

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