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The Challenge

For our collaboration with Couchbase, Spinks on Site were brought onboard to hire tech talent for roles located in Manchester, with scope for 30 total hires. To anticipate the number of hires they needed, we developed a graduate programme which created an opportunity for us to hire and onboard quality talent at speed.

Our Solution

At project launch, we built and nurtured relationships with universities that aligned closely with Couchbase’s offering and that were able to offer the right talent for the programme. Our initial research at this stage included understanding the modules and skills that were being taught at each university and understanding how closely aligned they were with what Couchbase needed to deliver its solutions to the market.

As part of our solution, our team supported outreach by improving the overall awareness of Couchbase as a brand, developing their employer brand, ensuring they were effectively advertising on career pages and using their social media channels to successfully push the graduate programme to potential candidates. We also developed a direct search attraction strategy that included both an inbound and outbound approach to bring in top tech talent into the programme. In order to develop this successfully, we mapped out top recruitment technology that we were able to leverage to help streamline our approach and better connect with early careers

Spinks on Site supported Couchbase with the day-to-day recruitment of candidates into the graduate programme, as well as supporting with the onboarding period. We also ran a free consultancy for their internal talent team where we discussed both pre onboarding and onboarding best practice and created a pathway for them to follow to ensure the talent we hired stayed within their business for the long-term. This was especially important as several candidates that were hired had a long wait to start, so it was essential to keep them updated and engaged with the brand over time.

During our initial three-month project building the graduate programme, we worked with the Couchbase team to develop their longer-term recruitment process and established a successful recruitment toolkit for them to use so that they were able to successfully scale their team for future projects.

We hired a total of 36 candidates onto the Couchbase graduate programme in just three months. By using Spinks on Site to hire their talent, we saved Couchbase £1,480 per hire on agency fees, with a total cost saving of £53,250 over the course of the project.

Due to this initial success, we were then asked to extend our Spinks on Site solution to support with the recruitment of their engineering team, with roles based across the UK, US, Europe and Israel. During this project, we hired a total of 13 senior engineering roles, including a Senior Product Manager and a Senior Product Security Engineer. During this project, we saved Couchbase a total of £7,125.32 per hire on agency fees.

Following this successful project completion, we supported Couchbase with recruitment for senior language-based sales representatives. During this project, we hired 17 senior sales talent, including multiple French and Spanish speaking Sales Development Representatives and an Enterprise Sales Representative. By using Spinks on Site to hire their senior language-based sales roles, Couchbase saved a total of £181,440 on agency fees. For our quality of work over the three recruitment projects, on our CSAT Scores, Couchbase rated Spinks on Site a 5 out of 5 regarding our impact on their recruitment needs, and a 9.3/10 on the quality of service provided by our embedded Spinks on Site team. Over the course of the three projects, we hired 66 roles for Couchbase with a total saving of £248,105 on agency fees.

We are continuing to support Couchbase on several projects, hiring sales roles across the EMEA regions.



  • In our first project with Couchbase, launching the graduate programme enabled us to hire a total of 36 candidates in just 3 months, after only scoping for 30 in the initial planning process.
  • Spinks on Site saved Couchbase a total of £53,250 by launching the graduate programme and using this to hire the right talent at speed.
  • Across our three projects with Couchbase, we saved them a total of £248,105 on agency fees.
  • Our desk mentorship programmes and recruitment workshops helped to improve the confidence of the internal talent team and better leveraged their recruitment potential, allowing them to improve their long-term recruitment outcomes.
  • We improved their overall talent function by acting as a ‘value add consultancy’, with Couchbase requesting Spinks on Site to work with them for future projects.
saved on agency fees
total hires across three projects
impact on their recruitment needs